Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BenQ compete in, with a hope that the road

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In 2008, the BenQ Group, completed a series of strategic layout, software and services to increase investment in Taiwan has completed a well-known star of the business providing B2B technology acquisition, will group 10 years of experience in global R & D IT Service Centre to join the range of services to promote the BenQ compete in terms of human resources, collaborative knowledge management, supply chain, ERP system to further expand into the online service (SaaS), business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (IT Service) services for Chinese enterprises provides a comprehensive product-based, service-oriented all-round information service.

In the past quarter, in response to a new mission, new forces to join (star of science and technology and service center BenQ Group companies) and long-term commitment to customers, BenQ chase the deer in the organization and business processes to make the corresponding adjustment completed by the process of organizational change in the organization to function:

Business extension - from Chinese enterprises in the high-end information technology services company with clients for the growth of development provides a full range of information services (not just including the information system, but also the IT Service, BPO, SaaS) business.

Resources more fully - by BenQ chase the deer, BBSC (BenQ Enterprise Information Service Center), star of the integration of science and technology, BenQ competing against the collection of the information system, information services, network technology, expertise and talents, for a new round of growth of a solid base of talent and expertise.

As with Chinese characteristics, and international standards, Wei Ke Hu Guan Li to provide continuous service in the happy master, in the past few years, BenQ compete in more than hundreds of China's outstanding medium and large provide the Gao Pin Zhi Qi Ye's Information Service. The next 10 years, BenQ will compete in the information system as the cornerstone of integrated Internet technology and professional service system, providing easy access for Chinese enterprises (SaaS), high-quality information technology (IT Service) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services .

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